How can I link my Shopify store to a Wordpress subdomain?

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I need to know how to link my Shopify store to my Wordpress but in the /store subdomain, not on the main page. I just accidentally changed my entire website to the Shopify store and am now rebuilding it but I don't see any instructions to walk me through putting the Shopify store on a subdomain. Help! I am not super tech-savvy, it's been awhile since I was. 😑

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Hello Lizakind,
you can connect your Shopify store only to a subdomain like:
where shop is the subdomain.

Unfortunately you cannot create something like:

Because this is a directory and you cannot assign CNAME or A record to it.

If you want to know how to connect a subdomain to Shopify check this KB here:

Hope this helps.

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Hi @lizakind

It sounds like what you're trying to do can be accomplished with the use of our Wordpress plugin.


The Buy Button channel enables you to turn your existing web space into an online store. Once connected, all you need to do is generate the code through Shopify and it's as simple as some copy/pasting to get your products onto your Wordpress site.

I also noticed that Wordpress offers a Shopify plugin, which might be worth looking into as well. If you need some extra support installing the Buy Button, you can access our help center guide here.  

It might also be worth looking into fully migrating to Shopify if the benefits are in line with your business needs! Check out our key feature comparison here.

Let me know if I can help any answer more questions or if you need some clarification on the above.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.