How can I link product variant weight with base inventory for my coffee business?

How can I link product variant weight with base inventory for my coffee business?

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I provide roasted coffee, we batch roast products so have a base inventory for each blend. We then sell this in either 250g or 1kg bags. We only pack the coffee with each order, taking from the base inventory. I want to be able to link a product variant (bag weight) to the base inventory. So if I have 20kg in inventory, 1 customer buys a 250g, it's deducted from the 20kg, leaving 19.75kg left, or buys 1kg it leaves 19kg. 

Note: Each product has 8 variants (2 sizes and 4 grinds), although the grind type doesn't affect the stock levels.


I've tried a number of stock sync or bundle apps to try to solve this but can't seem to get this to work. We have about 40 types of coffee, some of which are single batch runs, so manually adding these in complex bundles doesn't seem to be an efficient solution.


WooCommerce has a solution based on a stock attribution. 250g = 1, 1kg = 4. I need something similar perhaps? 

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HI @unbornink ,


I'm currently putting the finishing touches on an app designed to solve your exact problem. My app allows users to configure raw materials and a bill of materials for each product variant.


In your use case, you would configure raw materials like this:



Bill of Materials:

Product VariantBill of Materials
Arabica (Grind A, 250g)Arabica - 250g
Arabica (Grind B, 1kg)Arabica - 1000g
Robusta (Grind B, 1kg)Robusta - 1000g


Among other features, the app supports both make-to-order and make-to-stock strategies. The app will be released very soon. Let me know if you have any questions or in case you want early access.

I can be reached at aosoble[AT]
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Hi Aosoble


It would be great to get early access and test out your app. Sounds promising.

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I would also love early access to help test this.

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Hi @unbornink,


We recently launched an app Material Manager to help managing inventory for stores like yours. It allows you to enter your raw materials and then specify how much of each raw material each of your variants need. The variants inventory levels are then always updated to the maximum that can be created based on the inventory of the raw material.


In your case you would enter each a raw material for each of your blends and then choose a unit of either g or kg. Then you would assign the weight needed to each variant. For 250g if you use kg it would be 0.25kg, or simply 250g if you use grams.


If you blend you coffees after roasting you could also sell single origin and different blends drawing down from the same inventory.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.