How can I list multiple SKUs as one product on my e-commerce site?

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I am going to be selling all-over-printed t-shirts. For each t-shirt, I have decided to offer 4 sizes of each. On the vendor side, I have had issues with submitting one design for all 4 sizes. The solution for my vendor is for me to add each size as a different product (which would also have a different SKU in their system. These 4 products could then by synced to Shopify. My issue is on the Shopify site. I want to combine these 4 sizes of the same product into ONE listing so my customer just needs to select their correct size and Shopify will then send the correct file to my vendor. 
Is there some way that I can do this? I know there are apps that seem to be able to do this, but I can't quite figure out how to make this work. I subscribed to Vela and also to Mentis Product Options and to Swatch King. I have also looked at King product options, at YMQ and at e-composer landing page builder. Will any of these things work to give me what I want? I am concerned about the correct product info being reported back to my vendor for fulfillment. Thanks!


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Hi @prancingpixel,


The Easify Product Options app offers the perfect solution for your needs! 😊 With our exclusive Option URL feature, you can seamlessly create cross-product links among related items without the need to merge them into one using Shopify variants. This means that on the product page, it will appear as if customers are switching between normal Shopify variants, while in fact they are exploring different products altogether.

For example:






Here's a quick setup guide to get you started:

  • Install the app and create a new option set.
  • Select an option display type for Size selection that you prefer, using Buttons or Dropdown.
  • Enable the Option URL feature, and add option values representing your sizes. For each size, add the URL (full URL or use variables) leading to the corresponding product page.



  • Finally, add the option set to your related products.



If you encounter any confusion along the way, just let me know or connect with our Easify team via the in-app live chat for instant assistance.

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