How can I manage two size variations for swimwear inventory?

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Hi everyone, 
I build my new store and I'm going to sell swimwear for women's,
I want to make 2 Size Variation, the first one is for the top and the next one is for the bottom.
I can't understand the quantity of the variation,
when I have one size variation everything is okay, the inventory is like "S=5, M=5, L=5"
but when I'm adding one more variation, its make me x4 variation,
I want to make the inventory simple like example:

Top: S=5, M=5, L=5, XL=5
Bottom: S=7, M=7, L=7, XL=7

adding picture to understand well, 
צילום מסך 2024-04-21 ב-15.33.08.png

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Hi @byadiperetz 

When you add new variant to product have exits variant, then the total variant of product is multiple of all variant options.

Let see here you have variant:

Top: S - M - L - XL

Bottom: S -M -L - XL

Then total variant of product will be 4 x 4 = 16 variants

If you want to setup inventory simple like:

Top: S = 5, M = 5, L = 5, XL = 5
Bottom: S = 7, M = 7, L = 7, XL = 7

Then you can add only one variant to this product, let call it is size with 8 options:

Top/S - Top/M - Top/L - Top/XL - Bottom/S - Bottom/M - Bottom/L - Bottom/XL

This document will have info about adding product variant:

Hope this will help you.


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