How can I merge multiple orders on Shopify?

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Often times customers forget products and have to place a second order.. I have been using shipstation for a long time and they have this simple feature and can still manage to keep track of all my inventory, orders, order numbers etc.. this should be a feature on shopify. 

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Agree it would be a good feature especially when you can ship multiple orders at same time rather than having to pay for each shipment.

The problem is what do you do with the original orders or order that has been moved into another. 



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Shopify gives you a choice of which order survives when merging them together. 

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Hi, thanks.
Yeah, as you described Mergify allows merchants to merge orders easily.
Mergify fulfills the final order (the order after merging) and delivers it to the customer. The original orders can be fulfilled automatically by Mergify or manually by the merchant to exit the inventory.
A merging process using the two following solutions does not affect the inventory: manual fulfillment, and using Mergify. In the manual solution, the original orders in the committed inventory are fulfilled manually by merchants, but this can be a challenging and time-consuming process.
On the other hand, the second solution, Mergify simplifies and automates the fulfillment process. After merging, the original orders are removed from the committed list and do not have any impact on Shopify's inventory.
You can test Mergify and streamline your store management!