How can I merge two stores with numerous customers and orders?

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We have two Shopify stores That being said,  with hundreds of thousands of customers (~225k as of 1/1/2019) and orders (~275k as of 1/1/19) that need to be migrated into one store 

There are also blogs, link lists, URL redirects, and discounts that need to move and gift cards that need be recreated/resent because of limitations with exporting gift cards in Shopify

Apart from that a number of direct and indirect SaaS and third-party applications implications also need to be taken in to account which include:

Directly integrated with Shopify: Back in Stock, Delighted, Form Builder, Heap, Pepperjam, Returnly, StitchData, StitchLabs Inventory Management, Aftership, Yotpo, and Zendesk, Friendbuy

Indirectly integrated: Simon Data (Server side integrations), Heap  (through app and pixel), Friendbuy (through app and pixel), Facebook Pixel

In Short How to Migrate 

- Customers

- Orders

- Manage blog links/URL

- Discounts/ Gift Cards

- Third Party Apps Installed on Each Store

- Migrate all Analytics and Reports


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Hi Shopify,


I noticed this has been up for awhile, without a response.


I have the same question:


Is it possible to merge (2) stores, same theme, into one?


Both stores are NOT currently live.


Please respond... I am looking to launch within 5 days, and have not been able to find any assistance with this matter.

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Our store also need this functionality.


About the theme, we can make it seperately.


But with stocks, orders and other marketing information, it would be good to see at once.


Is there a way to manage both store in one hand(merge two Shopify store in one)?

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Hi everyone, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

I wanted to follow up on this thread and confirm that as of today merging stores isn’t possible but we’ve captured your feedback for future consideration.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hey Nick, 


It's been about a year. Has Shopify made any progress in making it possible to merge stores? Thoughts on the advice here?




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Hi @fadanza,


The development team is aware of this feature request, it's been requested a lot. But in saying that, there is nothing to report currently. With regards to the old post you linked, that would still be the best way to move over a lot of information from one store to another at this moment. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi Nick, 


Its been another year. Is there any update on merging the info from two stores into one?




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Shopify is generating so much revenue and still no update this? I would really love to merge my two shops into one


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I've recently done this with two Shopify Plus Stores, but it is also doable with normal Shopify stores. 


We migrated the data/subscriptions/loyalty points/order history and customer accounts from the 'smaller' store into the 'bigger store' through a long list of step-by-step tasks that including exporting data, preparing import sheets, and then making sure that the destination store (i.e. the bigger one) is ready for the import. It's not a small feat but definitely worth the hassle when considering how much easier your life is right after. Drop me a message on linkedin if you're still thinking of doing this