How can I modify old Langify translations in a legacy Shopify theme?

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I there,


need to let change a client or do change myself of a store of a client.


The situation is this:


Theme very old / legacy(store definitely not 2.0) : minimal_live


previously was used langify third part app that is been removed.


Unfortunately after tried to reinstall the app, for now I got maintenace use, aka the app on shopify is not available.


There are 2 translation in the store, that are "controlled" via 2 button flag, an English one and a Greek one.


Any one have idea or could guide in an old legacy them shopify code ?


I see indeed in the code a lot a of langify code, dynamic but I can't find refence in the JSON file.

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Hi @CarmineT,

Michael from Langify here.


I've reset the access token so you should be access Langify again. Please let me know in case this issue persists nevertheless.


You can remove the old Langify code (Langify v1) as described in the following guide:


Note that this will produce a duplicate Theme but without the old Langify code.


Please let me know if you need any further help with this.

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