How can I offer a free strap in a watch upsell bundle?

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I sell watches, where the customer can choose between different faces and different straps.


I want to use a offer where the customer can choose a free strap when they buy 1 strap and 1 watch face. So they are in total getting 2 straps 1 face. 


I want this in a upsell bundle rather than a 'free gift'. But i do not want this offer if people buy 2. 


Is there a way i can do this? I have tried adding another variant of all the straps but on my volume discount upsell it is showing the free strap on every upsell.


So essentially i would like it to look like this


Volume discount 1: 1 strap + 1 face + 1 FREE Strap = £30

Volume Discount 2: 2 strap + 2 Face = £54


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Hi @celine_marie ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

While Shopify's built-in features don't perfectly fit your upsell offer, here are two options:

Option 1: Discount Code for Free Strap (Easier Setup)

  • Customers buy watch face + strap (no discount yet).
  • Upsell informs them of a discount code for a free strap at checkout.
  • Less ideal: Requires an extra step (code application) and might show a discounted price during upsell.

Option 2: Bundle Products with Conditional Discounts (More Complex)

  • Create bundles with watch face + strap (excluding the free one).
  • Apply a conditional discount to the bundle for the desired "free strap" price.
  • Disable the regular volume discount upsell.
  • More work to set up, but smoother customer experience (no code) and hides the free strap during upsell.

Best regards,
Theodore | PageFly

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Hi Theodore,


Thank you for your swift reply, I have downloaded Page Fly and i am confused on Option 2.


Can you please explain/help with how i implement these steps as i am struggling. Is it possible to give you access as staff to my store to help?