How can I prevent selling out of stock items on my platform?

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Hi,  How can I stop Shopify selling a product even if it is 'Out of Stock' I do not have the 'Continue selling when out of stock' box ticked as these items are quite often clearance items that we will never have again. I had 1 item which was sold twice even though the qty in stock was 1 which ended up as zero after the first sale but the item ended up being sold again some days later. and now is set to 'committed'

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Hi @valentinewigs,


Did you have Track Quantity check? Here is the documentation

If this fixed your issue Likes and Accept as Solution is highly appreciated. Coffee tips fuels my dedication.
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Yes that was ticked and a qty of 1 was put on. This was sold and therefore no more should have been sold but the next we knew we had an order for another 1 even though the qty had gone to zero, it had placed a 1 in committed. This has happened a few times with different products and as far as we are aware it should not happen unless we have a setting somewhere else we need to set.


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Following. This continues to happen to us. I updated an item's inventory to 0 this morning. This afternoon one sold. Inventory continues to show zero. Track quantity is ticked, continue to sell... is not ticked. WHAT GIVES???

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I am having the same issue!!! It's very frustrating and makes my Boutique look bad that i have to continue to refund customers!!! Did you ever find a fix for this???

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Did someone help you find a fix for this?? I'm at my wits ends!! I'm constantly having to write customers emails, give a future discount code and refund them!!