How can I process a return without a receipt in my store?

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I am running into an issue with offering refunds. If a customer comes back into my store with an item to return and no receipt, I have to do a payout, or remove money from the till rather than do a proper return or exchange. Is there a way for me to perform a return without a receipt or customer info? Id like to be able to just have a return button essentially without having to attach it to a customer or order.

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Hi, @LCG!


Julie here from Shopify Support.


Great question. At the moment, a POS order can only be refunded through the original order that was placed. If a customer doesn't have a receipt, you could always search for the order through the POS app using the product title. Without orders being tied to a customer profile, this should be a good workaround. However, I can understand that this method wouldn't be ideal if you are processing a large amount of orders. 


Moving forward, it would be a good idea to gather customers' names at the time of sale. This would ensure that orders can be easily found should they wish to return an item without a receipt. As an alternative, you could also issue a gift card as store credit, then manually adjust the inventory quantities for the product that was returned. 


I can definitely see how being able to offer refunds without a receipt is a much-needed feature. That being said, I'd be happy to pass this along to our developers as a feature request; we are always looking to improve the Shopify platform and suggestions like these really help!


You mentioned that when currently handling refunds with no receipt, you are simply removing the money from the till. Are you doing this for exchanges or just returns?

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I don't disagree at all! We work a ton with Shopify POS as an agency, and we'll be better off the day that this app is redundant, as we'd much prefer it be native. However since I don't have any power to make Shopify add this feature quicker (though we have voiced the need to them), we made a stop-gap solution for merchants who need something now, before Shopify releases it natively. Hope this makes sense.

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Certainly I get it. If we had a sufficiently high incidence of the issue,
it would be worth the extra cost. At the moment, there's not enough cases
for us to do it.

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I don't disagree! We fully hope / expect it will become native functionality in the very near future. In the meantime we have provided this solution for merchants; we're not Shopify so I can't control how soon they update the POS but I know it's on their radar and we fully expect our app will become redundant in the hopefully very near future 🙂 We make most of our business from working on Shopify POS; this app is frankly non-tangible revenue for us. We charge enough to justify dealing with support, hosting, and updates, considering that we know at any moment we will shut it down anyways when this becomes native.

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Could you offer a free week trial?

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$39 a month is too much for this functionality that should be built in. 

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We agree it should be native! However since we're a third party we made this as a solution for our merchants that need it, and this was the amount that made it cost effective to build, maintain, and support for the wider community. Especially since we expect it will eventually be replaced by native functionality so our investment building it will go away any day now. However we much prefer Shopify POS continue to add this and other functionalities as we make most of our sales off of supporting Shopify POS in other ways, this is a side project for us. Hope you are having a great weekend!