How can I redirect a main menu to a specific homepage section while keeping the original URL?

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Hello everyone, i need some help with my store. I want to redirect my main menu named 'About Us" to a specific section in my homepage but i want to remain the url to instead of the id of specific shopify section. Can anyone help?  I want to redirect it in this section below.


Shopify name url:



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Add this code to your JS file and it will work.

     document.querySelector("#shopify-section-template--21767037190437__c79ece61-6edd-4d33-be74-12b06c1d5534").scrollIntoView({ behavior: 'smooth' });

  Please keep in mind that if you remove the "about us" section from your website and add it back again, the ID of the section will change. This means that you will need to update the "shopify-section-template--21767037190437__c79ece61-6edd-4d33-be74-12b06c1d5534" to the new ID. I have included the current ID for your reference.



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