How Can i redirect Subdomain to main domain page ?

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I have my subdomain page for translate page like and need to redirect to Is this possible ?

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Hi @Tepparit_Kacha !


Yes. Of course, you can redirect it to your main or primary domain. If your subdomain is not yet added to your domain lists, you will need to connect your domain first to your Shopify account by going to >settings >domain >connect existing domain >enter domain name then, connect or add domain to your account. It will automatically point your subdomain to your primary domain.


Another option is using the URL redirects. You can do this by going to your >online store >navigation >view URL redirects >create URL redirect (if none) then from there, enter the URL or website link of your subdomain and redirect it to your main or primary domain. 



Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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