How can I remove the website name that's added to the end of blog page titles in Shopify?

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I am using the refresh theme in Shopify and have this issue below:


The website name is being automatically added at the end of the title, but this only shows up on the google search results for  when I search for the blog post, or use the on a google search.

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 8.56.27 PM.png


As far as I know the meta name and actual title does not include the shop name at the end of it from anywhere that I can find in my settings in shopify. I have a shopify app that tells me to make my titles a specific length for optimal SEO for google – so to see it is even longer now with my website name being added to the end of blog posts is a little suspicious and worrisome.


Question 1: Is there a way to fix this? If so, anyone know how?

Question 2:
Is this even an issue I should worry about? Will it create a problem with indexing in Google? It certainly looks ugly on Google. I know I wouldn't click it looking like that.

Reason why I am asking: So far I have 10 articles/blog posts that Google has discovered but they are not being indexed and not searchable on Google, only the one that I have shown the screenshot too there. Could it because the titles are too long now and could this issue of the website name being added to the blog page names be the culprit?


Thank you for your help, honestly, I appreciate anyone that's able to spend some time to help me out here in any way because I'm a creative persson so the other half of my brain is bird-sized. Thank you!!

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