How can I resolve my Shopify account suspension quickly?

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We moved our business to shopify a while ago and did all our planning on it. We ordered a Shopify pos go and started receiving payments. Shortly after opening our store, we received an email saying "We have reviewed your account and determined that it is in violation of Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). As a result, we are no longer able to host your store on the Shopify platform and your account has been closed." and our store was closed. We contacted shopify about this and some documents were requested from us. we delivered all the requested documents without any problems and filled out the requested form. But we were given a negative return. We wrote many emails on this, but they all said "This email is to inform you that after reviewing your information and website we have determined that your business presents a level of risk that we will be unable to support with Shopify. We know this is not ideal, however we won't be able to help with your business. As our company, we do not think that we have violated any rules, but if there is an overlooked situation, we are ready to make all necessary arrangements. We have lost many customers. In order not to lose more customers, we want to reach a solution as quickly as possible and open our store.

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