Re: UPRIGHT GO 2 Personal Posture Trainer

How can I return my UPRIGHT GO 2 Personal Posture Trainer?

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I ordered a Personal Posture Trainer online.

Product is just like it was when I received it.

I am trying to return to a store, but can not find a store. It does not have a store on product.

i need to return due to I will not be able to use now or after my procedure per Doctors orders.

i paid over $60.00, and I have 30 days to return .

i need some kind of guidance on which way to go.

Thank you,

C. Hutch

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Hi Cindy,


Sorry, but I don't really understand.  If you purchased this online, then you should contact the company online through their website.  I am assuming since you in a Shopify forum, then the online store you purchased this item was using Shopify.  Shopify is not going to do anything, but the online store may want to do something.


You should reach out to the online store which you purchased this item.  I hope this helps.

Thank you,

UTX, Inc.

Shopify Partner
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You should contact and ask for a refund. You may be able to find the order details in an email if you shopped online. I also own an Upright 2.0 and it helped me fix my frozen shoulder about 3 years ago. Once  a while I still use it if I feel my posture needs adjusting. I hope your procedure goes well. 

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Did you purchase the product from Tech Savvy? I can't find any purchase
receipt for:
UPRIGHT GO 2 Personal Posture Trainer