How Can I Sell More Vintage Comics?

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I've had a Shopify store now for 2.5 years and have seen some modest growth in visitors and sales in that time.  I sell vintage American comic books such as Marvel and DC in the UK but am increasingly finding getting new and repeat purchasers challenging.  My overall traffic had taken a down turn over the last two months as have sales.  I appreciate this is a broad question but how can I improve my stores performance?  I consider my main competitor to be eBay and the comic sellers there so how can I shift people's mindsets to search my store first before eBay?  Thanks. Matthew

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One option you may want to consider is to create metafields to capture and display all of the extra product details that comic collectors are looking for.  What era the book is from, if its graded, who graded it, grader notes, etc.
These metafields are all fully searchable on the front-end as well!
Here is an example from a clients site I did last year, to give you an idea of what I am talking about.


You can see that under product notes, all of the custom information is shown.  Using some simple modifications on your product page, you can show this information, and even make sure that empty fields don't display at all.

Beyond that, I would suggest your typical basic marketing.  Consider utilizing the blog function to be updating your site with fresh content, and posting those blogs to social media, and joining relevant online communities, like comic retailers groups.


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