How can I set inventory for a product, not its variants?

How can I set inventory for a product, not its variants?

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I am wanting to have the inventory set for a product rather than a variant. 

For example I want to do a preorder for T-shirts on my website. I only want to have 80 available, regardless of the size or color because I’ll be ordering supplies AFTER customers place their order. I don’t want to restrict the amount per size or color that are available because I don’t know what my customers are going to want. 

I have tried to use an app but the apps don’t always work. Some customers were never prompted to choose a variant which resulted in me having to reach out to customers to ask what variants they want. Additionally the apps I have tried to not show the variants on the packing slips which makes my life a lot harder when packing orders. 

is there any coding that can be done for this? When I used to use Etsy, it was a simple option. 

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I don’t understand how this would allow customers to choose size and color. 

additionally some of my variants have different price points. 

Would metafields be able to solve for something like this? 

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I do not see this app. I searched in the app store and the apps that came up were not what i am looking for.


How do i go about finding a shopify developer? 

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Hi @Momsstitchetti,

I have a simple solution for you that doesn't require any coding. You can achieve it using the Easify Product Options app, which offers a free plan. This app allows you to create Color and Size as product options within the app itself, eliminating the need to create Shopify variants that could affect inventory 🤗.

Here's a quick demonstration of how you can set it up in just a few minutes:

  • Create your T-shirt product without Color and Size options.
  • Install the Easify Product Options app and create a new option set:



  • Add an option for selecting Color using the Color Swatches option type.



  • Add an option for selecting Size using the Buttons option type.



  • Select the relevant products (e.g., T-shirt) to add these options to, and you're done 🙌!



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