How can I set static product prices on my website?

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I have a website and I use a currency converter app, because my payment gateway need to use EUR, and I sell in Sweden(We charge SEK from customers).


However, I have a problem with this now, the prices fluctuate a few cents every now and then, and it's visible on my store, which looks weird.


I am having trouble setting a static price for my products, I just want it to display the same price constantly, unless I change it.


I leave my store URL private and I will happily PM you the store URL if you want to help, because I do not want it here public.


Thank you so much for the help and I can pay for help with this. 

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Shopify allows to set the currency exchange rate manually for each of your markets. Check their official documentation for more information about that.

Hope that can help.

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I have read that before, I see it tells me I can change in the “Other markets” section but I can’t find that section? Maybe I am missing something.