How can I set up a customizable subscription meal kit service?

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I'm looking to create a meal/grocery kit service on Shopify. We're looking to offer a box that a user can subscribe to, but change it's contents week to week by choosing from a list of available inventory. If you've ever used a meal kit service like Hello Fresh it would work similarly to this. A user is presented with a list of options that change each week and they choose the options they want. They are a subscriber and each week their choices are delivered to them. From most of the apps we've tested we see subscriptions available and bundles, but once a user selects the initial bundle they can't change it each week or we can't change what's in the bundle each week. Almost like their selection is frozen from that initial choice. 


Has anyone accomplished this type of setup? What apps did you use? Any drawbacks or limitations you encountered?


Thank you for your suggestions.





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