How can I set up multi-item discounts on my ecommerce store?

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I have multiple products i want to do a discount with for example - 


all products cost £2.99 individually .


i want to do 4 for £10

10 for £20 

discount set to only items in that quantity not between them . 


however i need it to price in the cart for example if a customer buys 8 items 2 times 4 for £10 deal so price should be £20.


i tried bundle or volume discount apps but when i set it to 4 and get 0.49p off each when it goes to the 5th item in the cart it discounts that so the total is £12.50 when it should be £12.99 ( 4 for £10 then 2.99 individual price ) 


i also need discounts to work together . so one collection is 4 for £10 and another collection is 6 for £20 so when a customer adds to cart it will be £30 .  

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Maybe the following two apps might help(p.s. I don't work for them)

allows you to create customizable tiered discount deals, where you can specify different discounts based on the quantity or combination of products added to the cart. You can group products together into kits and set as many discount tiers as you like for a given kit, offering flexibility in how discounts are applied. The app ensures that all discount and pricing calculations are handled automatically in the background, with inventory synced and tracked at SKU level. This should help in setting up deals like 4 for £10 and 10 for £20 without the discount mistakenly applying to additional items outside the specified quantities

Another option is Progressive Discount, which provides a straightforward approach to setting up tiered discounts based on quantity ranges, either for individual products, variants, or collections. It allows for manual creation of tiered discounts directly from the app dashboard and applies dynamic discount codes at checkout, ensuring that discounts are accurately calculated based on the customer's cart contents

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Hi @bar-brusters , 


I also had really complex discounting needs for my store and I found an amazing app that enables me to do it. I know you will be able to achieve what you are trying to do with it. I don't work for them at all but I love the app so much I am trying to share it where I can. SupaEasy: Functions Generator is the app and if you have questions the support is the best I have ever had.