How can I set up pre-orders on a single-product store?

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Hello. I run a single-product store and I want to have the product set up as coming soon or pre-orders. How do I do this? 

I use the debutify theme. I also don't want it to be setup as the enter a password system.


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Hi, @FlameGlove.

Tira here to help.

That’s neat that you want to start pre-orders for your product. I appreciate you providing your store link and your theme name. I used to work on a store that ran pre-orders, so I’m happy to provide some insight.

It looks like you’re using a theme that isn’t in our Theme Store, so support would be limited for your theme. We do provide support for free themes by Shopify. Any themes that are created through a third-party developer would be outside our scope of support. Typically, you can find support for your theme inside the theme editor. Check out our help doc to learn more about support for your theme.

If you’re comfortable with making coding customizations to your store, we do have an advanced tutorial post in the Shopify Community to help: Allow pre-orders for products. Advanced tutorials are unsupported and you will need to be familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript and Liquid. You can also look into hiring a Shopify Expert if you’re uncomfortable with making customizations. Shopify Experts can help you make changes and improvements to your store. 

I also wanted to share our blog post with tips and tricks on selling pre-orders: How to Use Pre-Orders to Validate, Pre-Sell and Build Hype for a Product. I think this tip: How do pre-orders work with Shopify? would suit what you’re looking to do. 

We also have a blog post with tips on why a coming soon page is good for your business, how to set one up on Shopify and on pre-launch marketing with examples. Check it out here: How to Create a Coming Soon Page and Start Marketing Before You Launch.

I would love to know if this helps with what you need to achieve.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi there!

Let me recommend you KAD Pre-Order App. You can use our app for setting your product as a pre-order, notify your customers about delivery time with a tooltip above Pre-order button which will show up on hover or as a modal tooltip, monitoring your pre-order on app dashboard. 

As you have only one product Freemium plan (free) will fit you perfectly.

Here is the app:

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Hi @FlameGlove


You can easily this up using DC Pre‑orders. Here's a demo video to walk through the setup: 




Let me know if you have any specific questions around the setup.

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