How can I sort collections by product date tags without duplicating pre-orders?

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Looking for some insight to creating a collection based on product date tags (or a range of time ideally) and also not showing products even if they meet the date criteria but have a different tag. I sell Vinyl records and have thousands of items. 


Some detail:


I have two collections now, one for Pre-Order products called Pre-Orders and one for new releases titled New Releases.


Pre-Order products collection simply shows products taged with Pre-Order. Works fine.


New Releases is setup now to show products by release date tags, so I have the last few weeks or so listed to coincide with release dates (i.e. 12/16/2022, 12/23/2022 etc) and conditions. And usually a few weeks in advance so i dont have to constantly update the dates. This lets me show a range and while not ideal, works. 


In the past pre-orders were just a dozen or less at a time, and they would show according to their release date on the new releases page. Now we have greatly expanded our pre-order offerings and they crowd out in-stock items (as they were added after the in-stocks and sorting was new to old). This defeats the purpose of the collection by duplicating the Pre-Orders colletion.


This has complicated our already imperfect collection rules scheme and I cannot figure out a way to make this smarter.


With Flow, I could setup a detailed sorting scheme and probably meet all my needs, however I was hoping for an easy and simple fix.


Is there another way i am not seeing? Thanks in advance for your help.


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Ive tried creating a flow to help fix this problem and that is apparently above my skill level. Any insight would be appreciated.


Ideally a flow that could take a date condition such as today and last 30 days or todays date plus 2 weeks and todays date minus 30 days etc.