How can I stop a direct debit for a forgotten free trial?

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I would really appreciate some help with this. I started a free trial on shopify 1-2 months ago, and forgot to cancel it. Shopify has been trying to take $163 out of my bank account to pay for a subscription but I cannot afford it. I am in a really hard position financially and barely can pay my rent at the moment. When I do have funds in my bank account, if shopify takes that $163 from me it will be really difficult for me. I need this money for other things. If shopify forces me to pay this $163 I will likely never use this company again. It is not a small amount of money and I have not been using shopify at all so I don’t think I should have to pay this. 

Please, please can somebody help me in stopping this direct debit from coming out of my bank account. I want to cancel my shopify and not pay this fee. I truly need this money for much more important things right now!

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