How can i store multiple single and multi Colimn text without running up the metafields limit?

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I’ve contacted a Shopify representative about this issue and he says that this is a flaw on shopify’s end. I want to make a multi niche store but I don’t want the same description to show up on every product. I’ve tried using metafields but the limit is only 20? How can I store all of my product descriptions (single and multi column) on to metafields without being stuck to only storing 20 metafields?

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Consolidate the Information. Instead of using separate metafields for each piece of information, consolidate related data into a single JSON-formatted metafield. This allows you to store structured data within a single metafield.

Suppose you have a product and you want to store multiple details like a detailed description, specifications, and care instructions. Instead of creating separate metafields for each of these, you can create a single JSON metafield that contains all this information.

Example JSON Metafield:

  "detailedDescription": "This is a detailed description of the product, covering all aspects.",
  "specifications": {
    "material": "100% cotton",
    "dimensions": "30x60 inches",
    "color": "Blue"
  "careInstructions": "Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Do not bleach."
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