How can I successfully authenticate my email domain?

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I  am having issues authenticating my  email domain , currently have my domain registered with however i transferred my email over to obambu last year, When i transferred my email to obambu, i created an spf record and a dkim record in gandi provided by obambu. problem is i have been trying to authenticate my domain adding dmarc record in gandi-

v=DMARC1; p=none;

added the 4 cname shopify record in gandi

Still its saying domain has not been authenticated

Because your email domain hasn’t been authenticated, recipients will see your email as For better brand recognition, authenticate your domainand ensure your domain has a DMARC record.


any help greatly appreciated

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@sam163 Have you checked your DMARC record entries ? what it is showing? you can check the DMARC records here - DMARC Inspector - dmarcian

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