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How can I successfully upload my data source to Pinterest Catalog?

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Hello, this is cross posted in the tech thread, too. I'm not very tech savvy so I'm looking for some assistance. I am trying to upload my date source to Pinterest to create a catalog. Do I just use the format "  My report status keeps saying failed. I went and checked the errors and I don't see what the problem is. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?


Thanks in advance.


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it is working. thank u very much

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Hi Celinie- mind showing me how you did this? I have been searching everywhere to figure it out!
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Thank you! Worked for me. I was about to throw my laptop out the window.

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Anyone get any further with this? Having read through the thread it would appear that nothing has changed as I'm getting the same problems everyone else has from the start and with a store with over 350 products I don't fancy uploading them all manually. Is it a matter of waiting for the Shopify Pinterest App being expanded to include other countries? Why is it restricted to Canada and the US when so many vendors are now online only?

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I've given up on Pinterest... for now at least. The app should have been available for UK users months ago but still isn't.

Pinterest seems to be a bit flaky generally - I have two different accounts and have a totally different user experience for each one. I can't even get to my boards on my business account!


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Hi i can't get seem to get this at all and there are no videos or too much info did you get this?



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To All who are trying to get a Pinterest data feed validated and active - i seriously spent months trying to put all the required data together in the format required by pinterest but kept getting declined. I found this app because i refused to give up and in 15 min my new shop was active...honestly it was cool - there is a payment or free trial but it worked for me instantly - its called  'feed for google shopping' but it 100 works on pinterest - check it out - you wont be disapppointed