How can I synchronize my products from Shopify to Amazon FBA in Germany?

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we have our products all listed on Shopify and now want to synchronise some products with our Amazon FBA seller account Germany.

Synchronising with EURO currency does not seem to be available at the minute.

We would be fine just to synchronise the product listing. Always from Shopify to Amazon, the other way round is less likely for us to be needed.

I've seen some Apps on Shopify by 3rd party providers.

Does anyone have a recommandation, which one is the cheapest and most efficient?


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If you don't have a ton of products, you may consider bulk uploading via CSV.


That's what we did when I sold on Shopify / Amazon. We had Amazon locations in 4 different countries.


The reasons why CSV bulk upload was the superior option for us (rather than syncing):

- We could translate the listings for each market

- We could tailor the text specifically for the market (Amazon and your own website are completely different shopping experiences, with different customers)

- We had complete control over each marketplace (for example sometimes we did clearance sales on website, or seasonal sales, etc on the website but did not want to run the same on Amazon... and vice versa)


I don't have a recommendation on syncing products, it's been a few years since I was an Amazon seller, but just wanted to share what worked for our business maybe it helps with the idea.

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