How can I track inventory and set up hidden products within bundles?

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I have a few situations I wanted to ask about. We are using Shopify Bundles ( to create bundles on our site. Normally we have the classic case which are products that we sell individually and then sell them as a package (or bundle). For example a Christmas package would have 7-8 of our individual products that are sold on the site bundled together to create a cheaper package.


There are a few twists:


  1. We have products that we don't sell individually and don't want to show on the site but we do what to add to Shopify to track their inventory as we sell these products in bundles. Example: a pencil case. We want to track the inventory of each item in the pencil case (the case, pencils, a sharpener and erasers). We don't want to sell individual cases, pencils, sharpeners and erasers separately. How do we set up products that don't show/sell on the site individually but do have the inventory reduced each time a pencil case is sold? This may need to include be 3 - 5 pencils so we have to take that into consideration.
  2. Can we add a bundle within a bundle? For example, we have a Christmas package that has a pencil case in it. If the pencil case is set up as a bundle in the example above, can I add that into another bundle (Christmas package) and have the inventory of each item inside tracked? If not, do I have to add each item to the larger bundle the same way I would add them to the pencil case?
  3. Cost per item in bundles. Is there a way to have a bundled product show the cost per item for the bundle automatically based on the cost per item of each item in the bundle? I can see that I can set the price of the bundle and set the cost per item for the entire bundle manually but it would be nice if the cost per product was auto-calculated based on the total of the individual items.
  4. What about Cost per item vs Price per item for items that are not sold individually on the site? If we aren't selling certain products outside of a bundle, they don't really have a price but they do cost. The client would like to track her margin and earnings on everything so do we just set a price anyway?
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Hi @InventiveWD ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

Shopify's "Shopify Bundles" app has limitations for your needs. Here's how to address them:

  • Track inventory of non-listed products: Consider apps like "Simple Bundles & Kits" or "Stocky" or create hidden draft products to manage stock manually.
  • Nested bundles: Create the inner bundle (e.g., pencil case) separately and add it as a product to the outer bundle (e.g., Christmas package) to track all components.
  • Automatic cost per item: Manually set the "Cost per Item" for the bundle based on individual item costs.
  • Cost for non-listed items: Set a nominal internal price for these items to track margins despite not having a selling price.

Best regards,
Theodore | PageFly

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Should be able to handle most of this with some automated workflows using our app mesa. This is a similar type of workflow: