How can I track retail sales by staff for commission calculations?

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Hi! Looking for some guidance here - is there an easy way to pull analytics for retail sales by staff at register and order amounts? I ideally want to capture a monthly dashboard for commission for retail staff that shows how many orders they have rang up over a certain amount. For example, # of orders at $250, # of orders at $500, $750, and $1000. There is different commission for each threshold and I would love for my staff to be able to see where they are at in the month. 

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There is a Retail sales by staff at register report that might be helpful.


If you want something a bit more advanced, you could try our Report Toaster app. We could help you create a report that actually calculates the commissions by staff member. If you're interested, feel free to install the app and reach out to support for help with the report.

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I’m so glad you responded to this question - this may be just what I need for my business! Sent you an email 🙂