How can I transform my ecommerce site into a B2B platform with customized pricing?

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I want to convert my shopify website into b2b shopify website for b2b customers.

  1. Customized Pricing and Taxation:

    • Implement an additional tax of 5.2% for specific professional customers.
    • All customers, including professional ones, must also pay the standard 21% VAT.
    • Prices displayed on the website should exclude VAT, with VAT added to the cart subtotal before the order is placed.
  2. Account Management:

    • Users can log in only if they have an existing account; new accounts require validation by the admin.
    • Pricing visibility should be restricted to logged-in users only; non-registered users should not see prices.

I am looking for this solution to convert this site into b2b ecommerce site.

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Converting your Shopify website into a B2B platform with customized pricing is a great way to cater to your B2B customers. To implement customized pricing and taxation, you can use Shopify's built-in features or apps like ""Wholesale Pricing Discount"" to set up different pricing tiers for specific customer groups. For taxation, you can set up different tax rates for professional customers using Shopify's tax settings.
If you need further assistance, Koala B2B offers solutions and insights specifically tailored for transforming your ecommerce site into a B2B platform. Their expertise can help you navigate the process smoothly. Good luck with your B2B ecommerce site transformation!