How can I use different characters in CSV handles for varied sizes?

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Can any characters be used in handles? I have many products of the same style but in different sizes. 


How would I do a handle for something like this? 





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Hello @ArdentIdeas 

I advise against using '/' in the product handle. Instead of special characters, you could consider using "size3plus3by4." This approach may provide better clarity. Feel free to share the product URL here for a clearer understanding.

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Shopify only allows a limited set of characters in the handle but the good news is that they'll automatically remove/convert the invalid characters for you. For example, if you set the handle to "hillmont-3-3/4"-center-to-center-bar-pull" Shopify will convert that to "hillmont-3-3-4-center-to-center-bar-pull".


This works for both the CSV imports and if you modify the products in the Shopify admin. In your case I think you should be fine just using handles like the example you sent and Shopify will take care of any characters that might not match.


More details about the handles/allowed characters

As a general rule when Shopify creates a handle is makes the text lower case and replaces spaces and special characters with a dash. Any repeating dashes, or dashes at the start or end of the handle are removed.


So "I like to Sing & Dance 123" would become "i-like-to-sing-dance-123".


If that handle already exists on your store, Shopify will add -1 to the end. For example, if you added another product named "I like to Sing & Dance 123!!" it would have a handle of ""i-like-to-sing-dance-123-1".


Hope this helps!




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