How can I verify an educational organization for business type?

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Hello there. I am having difficulties with the business verification process. It asks me to select a business type but none of the options apply. As a college, we are an education organization and none of the other options are accurate. I'm not sure how to proceed. Can you please help me with this? 

We already went through the tax exemption process and Shopify should have all of the documents that they need from us. However, there is no "Other" or "Educational Organization" option under business type and we are not a Corporation, Partnership, or Sole Proprietor. 

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Consider sending an email to merchant support.
Contact page link:

If the link keeps redirecting to the home page, try opening the link in Chrome Incognito mode.

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Thanks, I'll do so. 

I'm hoping to also hear from some people who run Shopify accounts for educational organizations (I know there are plenty of us lol). Thank you for your help!

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Hi, there's nothing wrong with your problem, you need to write to Shopify support, and they will answer you. I know that many people have this problem. But I am surprised that people can't even cope with the functionality of this site, and how can people like you manage a business at all? I'm sorry, of course, for writing about it too emotionally, but it still surprises me. When I took business courses on this site --, I was taught everything necessary for business management. Starting from the very basics, a person cannot set up Business Verification for himself...