How can I view total unfulfilled orders in a day?

How can I view total unfulfilled orders in a day?

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I really still can't believe this is not something the design team have addressed in a rollout at some point but it would be really helpful if there was just a simple way to see how many orders I have to process on any given day so I can plan my shipping and timing. 


Just something simple like this would be perfectly fine! 


Please Shopify, I wish there were a way to actually give feedback or suggestions on features and it not just disappear into the "we'll pass it to the dev team" void.



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Hi, @welcomebrand 


Thanks for posting your frustrations.


I definitely appreciate how it may feel like its simply being ignored, or sent into a void, but I assure you each request that is made is documented in a system specifically made to triage these requests. 


A lot of these requests do come to fruition, however, to be honest, some do not. It all depends on what our development team prioritizes. 


One option you can try is to export your unfulfilled orders to a CSV file and calculate the order total column to learn the total monetary value of your unfulfilled orders.

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Just so many basic functions that Shopify ignores for their customers in favor of the "new shiny" feature of the month.