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hi i'm hakou new member in this community and i'm  a createur of shopify stores my question is :

how can i make more money from shopify and how can i talk with services of shopify live to tell me if i can do this 


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Hi @HakouJunior1 

You should read this post: How to Make Money with Shopify, this post will tell you the details on how to make money with this platform.

Hope it helps!

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This year, you can make an excellent profit if you start learning how to do dropshipping on Shopify.

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Since Shopify is a platform geared towards eCommerce you can certainly make money here. But just like in any business investment of time, money and resources is needed.


There are many different business models with eCommerce. You can create your own products and sell them online. You can source products by buying them from manufacturers in bulk or you can follow the dropshipping model. I hope this helps.


Are you planning to do dropshipping? You Should try Spocket. It's a dropshipping app that allows you to sell high-quality products from our suppliers located around the world. We have suppliers based in major countries like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

You can sign up for a free Spocket account and browse our catalogs of products. We also provide a 14-day free trial on our paid subscription to help you get started with selling. You can also check our success stories on some of our retailers.

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I am sure that this topic is relevant for everyone in the modern world

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I couldn't find a good way to make money for a long period of time, and this frustrated me and my wife. but then my friend told me about the blockchain and that I have the possibility of play to earn games . I decided to try to study this topic in more detail and began to earn a good income in this way. I am sure that I will develop rapidly and increase my profit every month

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There are many different ways to earn extra income or create passive income with online resources. For example, you can sell your goods and services, or you can try yourself in crypto trading. I know many people who manage to get cryptocurrency in games like this one  and sell it for a lot more on online crypto exchanges. It's pretty profitable.