How can we filter the orders in Shopify Admin by the custom metafields of the orders?

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We have a few metafields set up for Orders module and we would like to filter and manage orders from Shopify Admin using these metafields. It seems that the default filter doesn't allow us to do so but are there any apps or workarounds to do that? 

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Hey @thethninaye ,


I'm not aware of any app that could add an option to filter orders by metafields directly in the Shopify Admin's order list view (I actually don't think this is possible to do with an app).


However, if a custom CSV export could work as an alternative. our app EZ Exporter could help with this.  We support including metafields data in the CSV export and also adding custom filters based on their values.


One workflow I could think of that might help with managing orders is push the order data already filtered based on the metafield value to Google Sheets with our app.  You can configure one of the columns to link directly to the Shopify Admin order detail page, so Google Sheets acts kind of like an order list view.

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