How can we have a recurring payment but different in terms of price from month to month

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For our application, we want to implement our price model in the plugin made to help install it on Shopify, but we are running into a situation.


We have a pricing model based on fees from sales generated by us. This means that in one month we can charge a customer $ 10 and in another month $ 5  depending on sales.


Our question is: How could we combine Shopify's APIs to succeed in implementing this price model?


We studied this API ( but to use it we need a subscription, a subscription that cannot be $ 0, but it must start from $ 1 .


Is there anyone else here who has encountered this situation and can guide us?


Thank you.

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Hi there!


I am not entirely sure how the pricing is changed in your Shopify store, but overall, if you are changing the actual price of the product, just like in Shopify admin > Products, then you could try using the Seal Subscriptions app, which has a feature which allows you to automatically update the prices of existing subscriptions, by propagating the price changes from Shopify admin > Products. That feature can be located in the Seal Subscriptions app > Settings > General settings > Auto-charging subscriptions > Price change propagation.


I hope something like this works for you!

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