How can we track and invoice custom team kit orders?

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We are a sports tech company running tournaments in the US. Many people love our jersey designs, so we decided to start selling custom kits for teams. 

We already use Shopify for some of our leftover merch for each event. However, we need a solution to help track and invoice these orders. 

Option A: Team Kit that includes home & away jerseys, pants or shorts, and a hat. The jerseys are CUSTOM and must include the player's Name and Number. The minimum order is for 10 players. 

Option B: Custom Jerseys that include player name and number with a minimum order of 12

Is there an app that allows us to both set a MINIMUM (order must be greater than X in case they want to buy more than the min) and Customize each item in the order? That way, the individual ordering it can input their teammate's names & numbers so we have it stored. 


Thanks in advance. 

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The way I would handle this is to use a 'custom product options' app (, to support being able to enter the 'names' for each jersey. But I would do it as a single product, with just one name to enter, and then they would have to 'add to cart' for each individual player. Ex. if there are 10 jerseys needed, they would 'add to cart' 10 separate times. 


I would then use the MinMaxify app ( to set a minimum order value amount (ex. orders must be over $500 or the customer can't checkout). 


The problem with trying to do just one product page, with 10+ fields for the player names, and then only using the product options app, is that there's not really an easy way to have a different amount of players/sizes. Ex. you could easily have it set to exactly 10 players, and then have 10 fields for their names, but then if the jerseys aren't all the same size (which they probably wouldn't be, unless it's a team of clones), then you wouldn't be able to pick the sizes. Also, what if there's 11 players ... then there's not really a good way to handle adding an extra player to the order.


So it makes more sense to just have it be a product for 1 player, and then have the customer select the size and enter the name, then add-to-cart, for each player that they need. If you do it this way, then the only thing you need to do is limit the minimum order, using the above app. The MinMaxify app will allow you to "Apply Restrictions for an Entire Cart, Specific Products, or Groups of Products" -- so you don't need to make the limit for the entire store, if you're also selling things that you don't want a limit for. 

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Hi @leaguejane !

Here's the app for you: Kickflip!

Kickflip provides a feature-rich environment for customizing products, including the option to add a name, number, badges, and even specific fonts to your apparel items, similar to the example you've shown. In fact, renowned football club AS Monaco utilizes Kickflip for their merchandise personalization, showcasing the platform's effectiveness and adaptability to high-demand scenarios.

We've also recently introduced Team Orders in private beta which might be of particular interest to you if you're looking to bulk order or manage team-specific customizations.



If you'd like to dive deeper into how Kickflip can be integrated with your store and the specific features it offers, we can book a call with our sales team or book a free webinar.

You can also create a free account here to get started and familiarize yourself.


I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions or requirements.


Happy customizing! 👕


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Hi @leaguejane,

The Easify Product Options app is useful for creating custom options for your jersey products 🤗.

You can begin by setting up a dropdown menu for customers to select the quantity of jerseys they wish to purchase, starting from 10. Based on the quantity selected, the app will dynamically display text fields where customers can enter relevant information such as player name and number.

Here's a simple example:





Let me know your specific requirements, or reach out to the Easify team via in-app live chat for instant assistance with your setup.

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