how did you managed to reduce unused js? and improve the pagespeed insights ?

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Please have a look over the screenshot.
I am very curious, after hours of browsing, how can you improve the technical SEO on Shopify website?
How can I reduce unused JS, which I have no access to?
The image shows from top to bottom: klarna, facebook, globo filter app, xo slider app, meteor app, globo again, swym wishlist app. google tag manager, jquery loaded from blogInPost app. 

its only a small part of total Page speed insights... we have lazy-load on every image, but the reports are saying to Defer offscreen images...

another,very important thing: Reduce initial server response time, its very long: 820ms...
and tonnes of other things.

The technical audits from SEO companies are terrible.  
Can I ask you, how did you managed to get at least 80 points on mobile on Page Speed Insights?


Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 16-06-18 PageSpeed Insights.png

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Hi, we faced the same issue that 3rd party apps loaded a lot of Javascript on every page, even tho the apps were sometimes only required on specific pages like cart, cms etc.
We developed an app that helps to manage where to load 3rd party Javascripts and where to block it.

The app is still in an early stage and if you have any suggestions please let me know