Re: How do I add a 'Sample Pack' and allow the customer to choose any 3 products?

How do I add a 'Sample Pack' and allow the customer to choose any 3 products?

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Hi, Can someone please point me in the right direction where I can can add a Product which is a Beard Oil sample pack, which then requires the customer to select any 3 from a current range of 10 samples?? 


Also connected to this, is if my customers are selecting to buy a full bottle I want to give them the option of a free sample, which they could select from a current range of 10.


I've tried my best to work it out, including a couple of apps but i just can't get it right.

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Hi, @Tony_D. Thanks for sharing that context! For this I'd recommend you consider using a product bundles app. There's the Shopify Bundles app, which can help you create fixed or multipack bundles. We have more information about the features available with Shopify Bundles here. You can also find a list of third party product bundles apps in the app store here.

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Hi @Tony_D ,


im confused with your wording sample.


you want whenever a beard oil sample pack added into the cart user will have to choose two mandatory sample pack from specific list?



Now the cases are

1. what if user don’t add other samples, should we remove the checkout option.

2. Where other recommended samples will shown? Do you have design for that.

3. This will be a fix product or want dynamic feature to enable for other products?


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Hmm not sure how i could have worded it any better.


The product option is 'beard oil (5ml) sample pack', this will include any 3 of 10 variants, which the customer can choose which 3 they would require.


The second query was when the client selects a full bottle of oil to buy 30ml), they can choose a free sample (5ml) to go with it.


A 'sample' is simply a small 5ml bottle, like a tester.

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If you're looking to offer a Beard Oil sample pack where customers can select any 3 from a range of 10 samples, and also provide the option of a free sample when purchasing a full bottle, I recommend using the MBC Bundles & Volume Discount. This app has numerous preset bundle templates that can be easily customized to fit your specific needs.

For your sample pack, you can use the Collection type template. Here's how you can set it up:

  1. Create a Dedicated Collection: Add your 10 sample variants to a specific collection.
  2. Configure the Bundle: Within the MBC Bundles App, create a bundle using the Collection type template. This will allow your customers to choose any 3 products from your predefined collection of 10 samples.
  3. Discount Options: The app supports different types of discounts, such as a percentage discount or offering a free product. For customers purchasing a full bottle, you can set up a promotion that includes a free sample from the same collection of 10 samples.

Check out the app's demo store to see how it looks with different products. This will help you visualize the setup with 3 or more samples.

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You can set up a BXGY discount like buy 3 get 1 free in Shopify discount admin. In our BYOB app, you can pair this discount with our bundle. The customers can select the samples and a gift on the same page. Not sure if this is suitable for you since you didn't mention a discount pricing. Here's a sample bundle for reference. Feel free to contact us for a quick suggestion!

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Thanks All, i'll give these options a try and see how i get on.

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Hi @Tony_D,

The Easify Product Options app sounds like it could be just what you need 🤗.

For your Beard Oil sample pack, you can use the app to create an option set including 10 sample options, enabling the multiselection feature while setting a maximum selection limit of 3. To showcase these options, you might consider using Image Swatch or other display types. Finally, add this option set to your "Beard Oil sample pack" product.




Regarding the free sample offer with the purchase of a full bottle, you can set up another option set including 10 sample options and allow customers to select 1 free sample only. These options can then be added into your full bottle products.




If you encounter any challenges during the setup process, don't hesitate to reach out to the Easify team via the in-app live chat for expert assistance.

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