How do I add my phone number to the header of the website

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I would like to add my phone number to the top of my website on the same line as my logo.  Hopefully it can be clickable on mobile.


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Hi @vcockerham2002 ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

You can add your clickable phone number next to your logo on your Shopify website in two ways:

1. Theme Editor (Beginner-friendly):

Go to your theme editor and find the section responsible for the header/logo.
Add a new section like "Text" and enter your phone number with a label.
Click the "Link" button and enter "tel:your-phone-number" to make it clickable on mobile.
Save your changes.
2. Code Editing (Advanced):

Edit the theme code and locate the logo section.
Add HTML and CSS code to display your phone number as a clickable link next to the logo.
Save your changes.


Best regards,
Theodore | PageFly

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Thank you, I tried the beginner way but it wont go on the same line as my logo.  I can only add an announcement bar in my header section not test?


  This is what i want it to look like: