How do I auto hide sold out products on my Shopify website?

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I'm trying to hide smy sold out products on my Shopify website. I saw that you can set a condition within your collection to have it set as inventory stock -> is greater than -> 0. I have tried that but it is not working. Is there another type of condition I could set? Or is there another easy way to remove the zero stock items from my website?

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Hi @xtremerconline,

You can manually delete them from the Inventory screen usually in your admin.

You can also have them deleted, archived, unpublished or in draft status automatically with Delist Automation

It can create delist rules for any product and set at what stock level to delist the products.

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Hi @xtremerconline 

would you mind checking our app Nada -

The app is automatically hiding sold-out products and then publishes them again when back in stock. They can be hidden immediately when sold out or after few days.

Try it for free for 7 days and check if it helps to solve your problem.


Martin Zima

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Hi @xtremerconline,

You can use our application to hide out-of-stock products automatically. It also unhides the products that were hidden when they are in stock.

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