How do I contact Shopify Support's Inbox/Ticket system now? Has it changed?!

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It seems that Shopify has made changes to their support system, possibly due to the introduction of their new AI chatbot?


Previously, you could use the "Support Inbox" ticketing/email system to contact support. However, now, it appears that this option is no longer available??


When trying to access the "Support Inbox" and clicking on "Contact Support," via my old past support tickets - it just redirects to the Help Desk page.


While I did manage to find an online chat option after some searching in the forums, even the chat support team seems uncertain about these changes, couldn't help and is looking into it.


I'm hoping that the option for inbox ticketing support is still available somewhere within Shopify?


This is important because, at times, we may not have the time to chat with support online. Additionally, some questions are quite detailed and require a human touch rather than AI.


With online chat support, there can also be wait times, and it would be more convenient if Shopify could still please provide the option to leave a support ticket message for staff and return to it later once they've responded.


If anyone knows if support inbox tickets are still available and how to access them (via a link, for instance), please share.


Your help is much appreciated, thanks! 🙏😊

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1 0 0  should this show past support tickets & chats?