How do I customize customer fields and create a member directory on Shopify?

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Hello Shopify Community,


I’ve been delving into a project to enhance our community’s online experience on Shopify. However, I’ve hit a roadblock concerning the customization of customer fields and creating a member directory. Here are the specifics:



Custom Fields for Customers

  • I aim to add fields for users to input details such as social media handles. 
  • A checkbox for customers to opt-in to be displayed on our website or open for work. 
  • Fields that I can populate to indicate their membership tier.

Member Directory

  • Utilizing the data from the custom fields, I plan to create a member directory.
  • Display members on a dedicated page, given their consent.
  • Create individual profiles for each member on this page.

Despite extensive research, I haven’t come across out-of-the-box solutions within Shopify. It seems like a custom solution might be the route. Has anyone tackled something similar or have suggestions for plugins or developers who can assist with this?


Also, if this is a custom solution, do you foresee a market demand for such a feature, indicating a potential new plugin opportunity?

Your insights and suggestions would be immensely valuable as we work towards enhancing our community engagement on our platform.


Thank you for your time and expertise!

Mike Shoss
Founder, Milton Innovation
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Hi MikeShoss ,


You have to build a custom APP and advance code edits to provide this all features which will use metafields to create all these fields.


Yes, all these features is possible with the help of custom APP and code edits.

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Hey Mike,

Most of what you're describing can be done by our Customer Fields app. The only component that isn't doable with our app is the storefront facing member directory. With some theme customization you could display customer data, but full disclosure, this would most likely be a lot of work (and you would need customer's permission to display their info). 

Our app has a 14 day free trial, so feel free to give it a try (or if you're using a development store it's free to use until you upgrade). Also DM me if you want any help setting it up. 


Josiah, Solutions Engineer, Helium
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Hello - Have you found a solution for this?