How do I find incoming inventory on the updated Shopify platform?

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Shopify has changed a lot of things recently... annoyingly!

Where do I now find the incoming inventory? Before, I used to go to "Inventory", would look up the SKU I want and there will be an "Incoming".


Now this has disappear! The only way I can see what is incoming is by going to "Transfers" and that it a very manual process! Very annoying as we often have customers asking us if we have x or y reference coming in soon,


Have you guys found any other way?


Thanks for your input!

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Yes this is the worst update ever regarding incoming inventory.  Please return the incoming column back to the inventory page.  I’m not even sure who would even use the committed column that took it’s place.  Restocking normal items took us forever today.

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WORST UPDATE EVER. I am livid about this change. I spent a bunch of time on chat with help about this. They simply don't care that they make changes that cost shop owners time, and therefore money. They seem to be making changes just to make changes to keep employees busy. This one has cost me SO MUCH time and effort - and continues to do so. Used to take MINUTES to for me to look up incoming vs on hand and place POs for more inventory. Now????? AT LEAST AN HOUR. Shopify's ears are deaf to the pain they have caused with this change. 

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Is there a report or something I can run to see all incoming items? This is insane!

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They finally put incoming back with the new roll out. THANK GOODNESS. When you go to inventory, the incoming column is back as the last column to the right.