How do I have different background colours for each of my image/text sections?

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Hi, I'm using the Brooklyn theme and have added a second image/text section on my homepage and would like the background colour of both sections to be different.  I have added this code to my theme.scss.liquid file and successfully changed the background colour of the first image/text section: 

.feature-row {
background-color: #e7a492;
font-size: 14px;
color: #ffffff !important;

But, having inspected the code, both sections have the same div class - .feature-row.  How do I specifically target the second one?


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Kindly share your store URL and a screenshot of your problem so,
I can solve it perfectly.
Thank You.

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Great, thanks!

URL is You'll see the first image/text section (under the slideshow) has the same background colour as the second (below the shop by category section).  I would like the second one to be blue.

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Hi, can you offer any help with this please? Thanks.