How do I manage to add 6,000 products in my store?

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I'm building a store, and this is the first time I've had to add so many products at once. Thanks to my supplier's api, I can retrieve all the products and add them to my store. Only problem is, there's no precise nomenclature for titles, and colors and sizes are sometimes just in the title. So right now I have a csv of all the products, and I look one by one to see if they have colors or sizes, if so I fill them in and put the same name to have the same handle afterwards so that Shopify can spot the variants when I add the products with a csv.


But it's HORRIBLE. I feel like I'm making mistakes on the products too, it's hard to check everything. I'm also worried about the descriptions, some similar products with several colors have several descriptions, in short, for my perfectionist mind nothing goes right.


Do you have any solutions for adding so many products? To manage variants, size, color etc.? The worst thing is that I'll have to do the same for my metafields.


Maybe I haven't understood anything and I'm not using the right methodology, you tell me!

(sorry if there are any mistakes, it's the automatic translation)

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Hi @Kodex!


If importing products using the Shopify CSV file does not work for you, I highly suggest that you try applications that has the bulk product import feature such as: Hextom: Bulk Product EditEasyCSV ‑ CSV & XLSX handling, and EZ CSV Import+Update Inventory. You can find and install them from the Shopify App Store

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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