How do I post products to shopify from Google Photos?

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This may be a basic question but I'm a newbie to shopify. How do I post products to shopify from Google Photos?

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Hey, @daiMurals!


I'm Lizzy from Shopify. Thank you for sharing your question with us in the Shopify Community!


I had a few questions about exactly what you'd like to do. Are you hoping to pull product photos from Google photos to your Shopify account? Or do you have more detailed product information stored in Google that you would like to send over?


If you're looking to just pull over the images you can do this with their URL. If your images in Google Photos have a direct URL, you can upload them to your products in the admin by clicking here and then pasting the URL for the image.



For pulling over more complicated data, you typically wouldn't use Google Photos, but may use Google Sheets to create a CSV file. A CSV will often look like a spreadsheet that contains information about your products that you can upload to your store to add products in bulk. This page here talks more about how CSVs work with Shopify. 


If you'd like to do something a little different feel free to share the details with me here and I can look into it in more depth for you!


Thank you,

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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When I try to upload product images directly from Google Photo's I get this error message



Is there any way to make direct uploads?


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Hi @Lizzy, I tried this but it doesn't work for me. I receive the following error:


Media upload failed

  • Image: File extension doesn't match the format of the file.
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I am getting the same error message. I seems to work when I use the CSV method (no issues with image files), however if I try to manually add a product image from the same Google folder (same link even!), I get this error message.

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But we cant browse folders like that... any other tips?