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How do I prepare for a successful store launch?

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How do I prepare to launch my new store? Are there specific things I should do first?  Are there specific steps I should follow?


Thank you so much for your kind responses.


i am a newbie

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Hi, @JDF1 

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Lauch shopify website is easy. if you have everything settled up include the domain. Then you just need to remove the protected store password.


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Hello @JDF1,


First, check product descriptions and website banners, make sure the Terms & Conditions and FAQ pages are in place and clear, check copyright, your company contact information and so on.
It's essential to verify that all settings are right (all the taxes are set up right, emails can be sent and received, shipping is calculated properly, synchronization with third-party systems works seamlessly, your store can accept real payments, and more).
You should also review your urls and redirects. If you have links to any external resources and services, make them open in a new tab.
It's crucial to check SEO, integrate Analytics, and backup your site.


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