How do I send customers an email about a new blog

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Hi All,


Firstly im sorry if this has already been answered (I did search but couldn't find an answer).


Would it be it possible for me to create an automation to email my customers about a new blog post, and if so how would I go about setting up such an automation?

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Hello GeeksWithWings,


About your question, the answer is completely yes, you can create an automation to email your customers about a new blog post using third-party email marketing services that integrate with Shopify. Here's how you can set up such an automation:


Look up services like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend, NestSend, and others that offer more advanced automation features that can be integrated with Shopify.


Here’s a general step-by-step process on how to set up an automation using these services:


  • Integration: First, integrate the email marketing service with your Shopify store. Most services will have a Shopify app or plugin that makes this step straightforward.
  • Subscriber List: Ensure you have a subscriber list set up. You should be collecting emails legally from your customers with their consent.
  • Automation Setup: In your email marketing service dashboard, look for an automation or workflow feature. You'll want to create a new automation based on the trigger of a new blog post being published.
  • RSS-to-Email Feature: Some email services offer an RSS-to-email feature that automatically sends out an email when a new post is added to your blog's RSS feed.
  • Email Template: Create an email template that will be used for the blog update emails. You can often use dynamic content tags to include the blog post's title, intro, and a link to the post.
  • Testing: Before going live, test the automation to ensure that it works as intended. Send a test email to yourself to check the layout and content.
  • Go Live: Once you're happy with the setup, activate the automation. Now, whenever you publish a new blog post, your email marketing service should automatically send out the update to your subscriber list.


One last thing to remember is that make sure that you comply with email marketing laws like the CAN-SPAM Act or GDPR. This includes having a clear way for subscribers to opt out of receiving future emails.

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Hey @GeeksWithWings and @bet 


Please help me understand the issue better, and I may be able to provide help here:


You'd need to email your customers that you've just published a new blog post.


A few questions: 
1. Do you want to email your customer list (people who've bought stuff from you) or some list of subscribers who live outside of the customer base?

2. Do you want this to happen every time there's a new blog post, or do you want it to send a summary of blog content updates every X days (pretty much a newsletter)?
3. How customizable/brandable should the email be so that you can use it?