How do I view conversion by product?

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I can't find the report to see the individual conversion rates for each of my products. I can only see the overall store conversion rate, without knowing the individual conversions it will be hard to know which products are underperforming (based on traffic to sales).

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Hi Mikejb1!


As far as I know, Shopify does not give product-level data about views, CR, and such. This is where our app ( you can see a demo here: ) can come and help to fill in the gap. 

I also attached a screen with some of the metrics visible (there are more)



* please note that data is randomised for the purpose of demo and it is intended only to give a general ideea about the available metrics and potential.


Hope this helps,


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You can use an app like Link Squeeze to create short trackable links for each of your products and track visitors and sales generated by each link. This way, you will be able to accurately know sales for each product based on the number of visitors that clicked on that short link and how many of them resulted in sales.

Link Squeeze: Create short trackable links for your store